Thursday, January 14, 2010

Peroneus Brevis

Last night when I went to bed I felt just fine.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Around 3:00 am though I was awakened by a  pain in what I think is my peroneus brevis muscle.  It reminded me of the 'growing pains' I experienced as a teenager.  I tossed and turned for a while and then finally gave up trying to sleep.  When I got out of bed and stood on it the pain sharpened.  Still, I started to get ready for my tempo run.  It got a little better as I walked around the house, but I still felt it every time I took a step.  I never questioned if I should head out.

The first mile or so the pain nagged me, especially when I climbed a small hill.  It became even sharper at that moment.  After that it stopped bothering me though and I was able to comfortably pick up the pace.  When I finished and started walking back into the house I could feel it aching again.  Not near as bad as when I first woke up, but it was still there.

Hours later at work it isn't bothering me too much.  More than anything it's a warm sensation now.  I'll take some ibuprofen and see what effect it has before I start freaking out.  It seems lately that I get these pains that go away quickly.  Hopefully this falls into that category.


  1. Looks like you need to take advantage of the ice bath you were offering everybody.

    I hope you heal quick.

    You need to stop running! That's not my advice, but I'll bet you'll hear that if you go to a doctor.

  2. Yes, I've already been counseled to ice it. I have no pain this morning, just a sensation reminding me that it's not completely better. I'll test it out tomorrow and see what happens.