Friday, February 5, 2010


I am tired.  I'm in the penultimate week of the Hal Higdon half marathon training plan, and it is testing me.  I don't have any aches or pains to complain of and I'm mentally rested, but physically I've felt drained the past few days.  That is, right up until and after I run.  When I'm running I feel just fine.  In fact, I've felt pretty strong.

I bring this up because there seems to be a little contrast between how I'm feeling and how James is.  I suspect some of this is because he has been closer, if not at, this level of training for quite some time, whereas this is my first attempt at the 'advanced' level.  My body may still be adjusting to the increased intensity and workload.

Or... maybe I'm still recovering from the extra miles I put on last Thursday when I ran with Bruce Johnson.  That day I ran easy with him for about 4 miles.  But before that I did an intensive 7-mile tempo run and, after parting ways, another 4 miles back to my car.  My mileage for that day was almost 16 miles, and for the week my total was 47.  Highest amount ever for me, I think.

This Sunday is the last long run at 2 hours, and I'm not anticipating any problems.  After Tuesday's 6x400 intervals the tapering and the impatience begins.  If I can avoid getting sick or stubbing a toe I think I'll do well at Mercedes next weekend.  I'm really anxious to see how the 12 weeks of hard work pay off.


  1. The extra effort will be worth it at the finsh line.

    When I was in my thirties, in NM, I was doing 50-60 miles a week. They were much slower miles, but I enjoyed them more than when I started to increase my speed and doing intervals. Sure it feels good at the finish line, but the long slow runs feel good all day long and doesn't come with so much annoying pain.

    Stay strong!

  2. Hey budy! I am ready for a taper too! 2 hour run tomorrow... I wonder if it would be bad if I just covered 5 miles in two hours!!?? ;-)