Thursday, March 4, 2010

Training Update

It's been a whirlwind couple of weeks since the Mercedes half marathon. After taking it relatively easy for a few days afterwards, I joined Barb, Duane and Kym in running the inaugural relay of the Breast Cancer Marathon in Jacksonville, FL. The four of us "passed" our good friend, Dave, along the course as he ran the entire thing himself.  Other than emphasizing how much fun it was I don't have much to add to Kym's excellent recap.  My leg of the race, miles 5-10, were partially along the beach, where it was beautiful. My only complaint is that it all went by too quickly. The photo to the right is at the 10-mile mark where I turned Dave over to Duane.

After getting back from Florida my training partner, Kym, and I tentatively decided to start training for the ING Georgia Half Marathon on March 21st in Atlanta.  After her unfortunate illness and withdrawal from the Mercedes Half on February 21st there was unfinished business to attend to.  So, we took a look at the Hal Higdon training plan we adhered to for Mercedes and picked it up at a point that would terminate on the ING weekend.  Since starting again we've had really strong tempo and interval runs, and one long run that didn't meet expectations.  Still, I think we're effectively carrying over our conditioning and will be prepared should we pull the trigger and sign up.

This next week should present some minor challenges.  I will be training on my own just north of Atlanta, where I will be on business.  I hope to find some good places to run and look forward to blogging about them.  Until then, happy running!

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