Saturday, May 8, 2010

Running Map

I was looking through some historical data in SportTracks this morning (Select View > Activity Reports) when I noticed the map on the right-hand pane and all the dots on it. Each one represents somewhere I've run in the past few years, which, when viewed all at once, I thought to be pretty neat. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Alabama - Home. Hundreds of training runs (literally!) and dozens of local races. Also, where I set a PR at the Mercedes Half Marathon.
  • Bahamas - Our cruise ship docked and I couldn't get off it fast enough. A nice run through town just to explore the "real" Nassau. Not somewhere I'd want to live, but the locals were very friendly and helpful.
  • Colorado - A few road runs around the Denver suburb of Centennial while there on business. Also, some really nice trail runs (paved) at a park in nearby Littleton.
  • Florida - I used to live here, but didn't use SportTracks at that time. I do have the Seaside Half Marathon and the Breast Cancer Marathon on the map, though.
  • Georgia - Just a few training runs while in Atlanta for a class. Also, just barely (geographically speaking) making the cut is my favorite half marathon, Chickamauga Battlefield.
  • Idaho - Dirt road runs while visiting in-laws. Dusty and hilly.
  • Louisiana - Training runs on various road trips.
  • Massachusetts - The 5-mile Turkey Trot I ran with my friend, Michelle, as well as some training runs near my mother's house while visiting.
  • New Hampshire - A 5k and some training runs while visiting family at Thanksgiving.
  • New York - A run in Central Park while in town for the US Open with my buddy, Dan. I was blown away by the number of runners!
  • Tennessee - A recovery run in Chattanooga while there for Chickamauga, and a separate, grueling training run in Ducktown.
  • Texas - Lots of runs in San Antonio, where I've traveled on business 4-5 times the past few years. I think I know the downtown area pretty well now as a consequence. The AlamoDome is a good place to run intervals.
  • Utah - More training runs (before I trained, really) while in Ogden for a class. I used to live here for a few years, so it was nice to go back and visit.
  • Virginia - Training runs while at Langley for a class.
  • Washington DC - For some reason my training runs along the Potomac aren't displayed. I was in town for yet another class.
As I looked at the map I realized there are a lot more places I want to run. If I had to declare a top five, here's what they are and why:
  • British Columbia - The Olympics got me. I want to go there, despite the commercials with the smarmy Ryan Reynolds in them. It just looks gorgeous.
  • California - I've only been a couple of times, and never when I actively ran. I'd like to explore some of the vineyards around Napa Valley, and check out San Diego and San Francisco, which I understand are running hotspots.
  • New Mexico - My friend Duane raves about Taos, so I figure it must be something special. Besides, maybe some of the mojo from the elites that train there could rub off on me. :)
  • Nevada - I'd like to run around the Lake Tahoe area. Pictures I've seen of The Flume Trail are breathtaking.
  • Utah - Yes, I've already lived in and run in Utah, but not in the southeast corner near Moab. I've visited the area a number of times and always get this surreal feeling, like I'm being hugged. When I die I want my ashes scattered from the top of the Mesa Arch.
I know nobody has time to reply with all the places they've been or where they want to go, but hit me up with some rave runs of yours.


  1. So many places to run, so little time...

  2. Drew,
    British Columbia is just amazing...we've visited the Fraser Valley, Silver Star (skiing), Lake Okanogen-wine country, Vancouver Island(Victoria, Tofino -- the absolute BEST place on earth). I am ready to pack my bags and move there. Definitely make a trip out there. You won't regret it.

  3. Washington DC Mall on Thanksgiving week 2009 was prolly some of my fav runs. I had the Mall and ALL the monuments to myself. Absolutely no one was around in the early morning hours of the holiday week.
    I wished I had run more while I was in the Navy... :-/

  4. Oh, Drew. Nothing beats running in Columbus, Mississippi. The flat base, the 9-mile perimeter over and over and over again. Breathtaking views of ... nothing.

    Up the road, however, in Starkville, are incredible country roads. Beautiful rolling hills. Stunning all around.

  5. Between you and General Funk I'd say I have to add Starkville to the list. :)

  6. That looks like a fun tool. Having run maybe a half-dozen times in each, you are spot-on in wishing to run in San Diego and San Francisco, both are terrific (I just returned from 3 days in San Diego). Should add Chicago to the list as well, plenty of parks along the lake to run in, looking forward to going there for a week in September myself, during my fall marathon taper.