Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Observations

Things I've encountered in the past few days that have gotten my attention:
  • I saw a runner in my new neighborhood wearing VFFs. If I spy him again I'm going to have to strike up a conversation with him. Just a cursory head nod so far.
  • Monday morning, 7:30 am. I'm sitting on my front door step cooling down from my run. The guy across the street exits his house, walks over to his truck and fires it up. Then goes back inside. For a full five minutes. Up north you warm up the car. Here in the south you cool it down. I've lived here six years and learned something new.
  • You know you've swam a long time when an hour after getting out of the pool you tilt your head forward and water drains out your nose.
  • People are nowhere near concerned enough about hydration. I swam at the base pool today at noon when the "feels like" temperature was 101*. I was the only person of 6-7 that had a water bottle at the end of my lane.
  • The base pool is 33 meters long. Who the heck engineered that? Military Intelligence?
  • It's getting light out later. It was still a little dark when I stepped out the door at 5:15 this morning.


  1. Cursory head nod... So do you think it's annoying when someone goes "good morning!" as they run by? I always wonder... but everyone always reciprocates. Well, usually. Those who don't are probably just having a Morning. And I get that.
    Hope you're doing well! Feel a world away. In a good way. XO

  2. No, it's not annoying at all. In fact, I'm a "good morning" instigator! I generally don't mind if someone doesn't reciprocate in kind, so long as there is acknowledgement.

    Enjoyed your trip down. More photos!

  3. I noticed the sun rising later too - always a bit sad, but makes it easier to be truly predawn. And I'm OK with the "good morning", though I didn't see the runner who said it to me this morning until he said it, nearly jumped out of my skin.