Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 In Review

What's a good way to make a return to the blog I've been neglecting for weeks now? How about an obligatory look back at the year gone by?

I set out this year with the goal of writing with some regularity. I think I did pretty well the first half of the year, but not so much the second. Excuses range from personal issues to not making time, but in the end that's just what they are - excuses. In 2011 I'll be giving it another try, this time trying to lighten things up a bit and finding more subjects that will appeal to those that read this. Looking at my Google Analytics it's easy to see an entry I posted back in May about my Adidas AdiZero Mana running shoes was far and away the most popular of the year. I'll never compete with Pete Larsen over at Runblogger, but perhaps product reviews are something I can focus on a little more.

My 2010 BHAG (Big Hair Audacious Goal) was to qualify for the Boston Marathon, and unfortunately I didn't achieve it. I did take some valuable lessons away from my first marathon experience, however, and will continue my pursuit. I haven't committed to a specific race yet, but another is definitely in my future.

Shortcomings aside, I did accomplish quite a bit in 2010 that I'm pleased with. I set PRs at every distance, as you can see from the sidebar on the left of this page. Of all those races I'm most proud of the half marathon I ran in October. Even though the course was short by approximately a quarter mile I exceeded my expectations by a long shot, averaging a 7:01 pace throughout the race. It was one of those days where everything came together.

I'm also happy with how my training went this year. My annual mileage jumped significantly from 1,117 miles in 2009 to 1,778 in 2010. I've come a long way since I started tracking my miles back in 2008, when I ran only 632! What surprised me the most, though, was completing Hal Higdon's Advanced II Training Plan. Not only did it prepare me for my marathon, but finishing it was its own milestone.

Separate from performance-related events, I'll most remember 2010 for the people I've come to know through social networks Twitter and dailymile. There are too many influential, inspiring people to list, but Greg and Joe are a couple that quickly come to mind. As for real life, I enjoyed meeting Mark at the Mercedes Half Marathon way back in February, John at the Montgomery Half and Mike over in Columbus, GA. I also met Logan and Gordon at the Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon. But the standout was definitely Andy, who found me at the Midnight Express in August and joined me for a long run the following morning on just a couple of hours sleep.

So, so long 2010. It's been a year of challenges, ups and downs. Now onward to 2011!


  1. A great year I'd say! Hope 2011 brings more PR's and the BQ you're looking to achieve.

  2. A great Year. May 2011 bring more fortune your way

  3. Thanks for the mention, definitely a good year for you and I'm sure 2011 will be even better. I'm glad to have met you among many others in 2010 as well.